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Geocaching is a new outdoor sport that is spreading through the country like wildfire, enticing both young and old. You can think of geocaching as a massive treasure hunt spanning the globe.A family geocaching in Incline Village Lake Tahoe The treasures are called “geocaches”, which are found using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. A typical geocache consists of a journal & some inexpensive trinkets. The cache is returned to the original location after it’s found. It’s the hunt, rather than the treasure itself that draws so many people to this popular sport.

There are geocaches hidden all over Lake Tahoe, and dozens can be found in the immediate vicinity of Incline Village . is a good website to visit to find the GPS coordinates for Incline Village geocaches. This website will provide the mapped location, the coordinates, some general directions & comments, and feedback from geocachers who have previously located the treasure.

An example of an Incline Village Geocache:

The name of this geocache is called Knock Your Socks Off, and it was hidden on August 3, 2007 by a user named “Nice Hike”.

Coordinates: N 39° 16.720 W 119° 55.848

Park near the winter storm gate on Mt. Rose Hwy at 8000 feet. Follow the power lines up to waypoint N 39° 17.085 W 119° 55.816. The cache is approximately 50 yards to the north of a rock pile under a rotten tree stump. The elevation at the site is 8145 feet, where you’ll have great views of Incline Village and beautiful springtime wildflowers.

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